Tuesday, May 13, 2008


10 May 2008 (Saturday)
hurmm.... pagi tu aku first time going to gym since 2004...
penat sgt2... tp all the hard work paid off bile ade this hot guy kat sebalah... wahh!! terlebihh sudaaa...hahaha... cant stop looking at him... wonder if we met again...tp lps tu g makan!!! hahahah!! baik xyah g gym!! then petang tu off to danang's house watching AF n makan some more!! oh ya, n i called budi... his off to kampong, medan for 2 month... gonna miss him so much!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Living the Ultimate Life!!

heyy kamu2 semua!! aku ni mmg lembab laa.. bru nak buat blog nih... haiyooo... ok,, 1st thing 1st,, aku ni mmg famous a the American Idol Freak in MySpace.. but now i got a new home at blogger.. FINALLY!!! haha.... so ade pape just leave a comment bout anything in this blog.. i will update all about my life EVERYDAY n also the latest American Idol... c ya!! ;pp