Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ouhhh yes! I'm gonna start doing that!!


Friday, July 24, 2009

This is "Something"

something gonna happen this November...

Thursday, July 23, 2009

MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia Updates!!

These are the performers that confirmed to perform this August 15th at Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia:


Monday, July 20, 2009

Shout! On Friday Night

last friday bermula begini....
i need time and i need stay away from all the drama, so i decided to go to the Shout Awards 2009.. at 3pm daku suda bersiap sedia with my full outfit n hair.. wahh dh ala2 artis lak pkai siap2 kannn... hahaha.. so at 4pm sharp im on my away to the Putra stadium.. i take lrt to get there.. haiyoo dh hot2 nek train!! *sedeyh!* huhu.. i get there at 4.30pm so so laa... sebaik sja smp d lrt bukit jalil,,,, haaa hamek ko!!! so many people!!! dh mcm sardin vs. cendol.. then tgu laa permaisuri farah disana.. dh laa panas, haus lak tuuu... tak dpt ku bygkn!! suddenly, daku ternampak kelibat hantu laki yg mempunyai rambot yg cntek... sape lg kalo bkn Mr. Zakiyyy... dia bersama rakan2 yg lain.. lama tidak berjumpa dia.. pastu lpk2 laa... then at 7 its time for him to go in... but not me.. im stil waiting for the princess to come... so the red carpet starts at 6.30.. sambil2 menunggu bole laa tgk2 spe yg melaam kan... haha..

beginilah keadaannya......
Red Carpet
the first car yg smp adalah the fly fm's morning crew!!! phabes, ben n nadia... phabes dh mcm hip hop star, ben just simple n nadiaaaa vavavooom... chantekk ko!! haha.. then limo yg membawa jien and marion caunter tiba... morion terbaik sgt!!! sexay!!! then the arrival parade followed by Upin n Ipin, Joe Flizzow, Bunkface, Shila, Shafinaz n Paul Moss, Nikki, Adflin Shauki, Caprice, Fara Fauzana, Fazura, Sazzy Falak n Yasmin Hani and the cast of Ghost and Kami.. tetibe ternampak kelibat Ash lak.. so say hye lah sama dia... then 7.20 bru laaa pincess tiba di hadapan pintu C istana putra bukit jalil... bopoloh dh denn... then get inside....

banyakkkk nye og2 sdg bersila diatas lantai stadium... ish2.. ank2 sapo laa nihhh... baik jerr.. xyh soh dh duduk dh... hahaha.. so me, my sis farah, ulee and my sista's lil bro join mereka2 bersila... lg sejam bru acara bermula... at 8 adela brefing utk shouting n claping.. then at 8.45pm waktu malaysia bahagian semananjung bermula lah satu acara jerit menjerit yg diberi nama, SHOUT AWARDS 2009!!!

mcm ni laa keadaannya.. meriahhh!!!
Main Show
i got the best view and the best spot.. ouhh yeahhh i shaking hands with many with so many cleberities.. bkn itu saja.. malah begambar lg uolss... haha.. some photos i didn't post yet because time tgh syok snap pic, batt kong... huaaa!!! sedeyhhh aku!!! then the pefomance i've been waiting for, the tribute of MJ and of course the perfomance by Sean Kingston.. goshhh he soooooo big... dh mcm king kong... scary!! the suda habis berhuha kami pown berangkat pulang at 1am!! b4 tuh makan2 dlu... have dinner yer not supper... hahah.. im having nasi goreng daging at SS.. yummy!! at 1.40am bruuu laaa smp rmh... haihhh... very very tired lahhh... so tu laa the best ever award show in malaysia so far!!! can't wait for the 2010 shout awards!! i wont miss it!!

so later i'll update more of the photos ya...

ouh btw just to make sumone dengki...
Miss Fazura... hehee ;pp

Mosh Pit Audition

If you can rock and party to the hottest tunes and stand out from the crowd, then MTV World Stage “Live In Malaysia” is the place for you to be this August! Come to The Curve dressed in your hippiest party wear, and show us how you can rock and scream to your favourite tunes to win a spot at the most coveted space in the event – The Mosh Pit!

Venue: Cineleisure, The Curve, Kuala Lumpur
Dates: 1 – 2 August 2009
Time: 12 – 7pm
Mosh Pit Auditions: 1 – 3 pm (both days)

Friday, July 17, 2009

My New Favorite

WonderGirls - Nobody (English Version)

Thursday, July 16, 2009


In Memory,
August 2008- July 2009

"pls lupekn i. thp kesabaran i dh abes. i dh ckup besaba ngn u. soryla but i xle troskn ag. ni akn jd lst msg i frm dis number. jge dri u, ur family n ur frens. byk knangan i ngn u yg i xkn lupekn. u tragedi plaing indah seumo idop i. thx 4 ur support n ur help all this while. halalkn pe yg x dihalalkn. maafkn ape yg lom d maafkn. gud luck on ur studies. i xle tman ur future. pdamkn sume jnj2 kte utk idop bsme. thank you 4 showing the true happiness of life. be strong dlm menjalankn idop u. stay mcm mne u skng. clean n be a very good boy, be a very good son to ur parents and be a good fren to ur fens. i xle gnti pape yg u dh kobarkn utk i. bia la cincin yg i bli ni utk i smpan as kenangan yg xtercapai. i taw i bkn lelaki yg u idamkn. walaupun u insan yg i idam2kn slame nih. thank you thank you thank you so much utk ape yg u dh buat utk i slame kte kapel. also thx to ur family coz dh izinkn i tgl kt gannu aritu. goodbye. assalamualaikum."

a text message sent to him,
16 July 2009, 1.42am.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009



An unprecedented first in Asia, MTV World Stage makes its event debut in Malaysia come August 15 at the Sunway Lagoon Resort Surf Beach, head-starting MTV’s global circuit of specially produced music events.

MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia will kick off with a bang outdoors at Sunway Lagoon Resort where the world’s largest man-made Surf Beach will be completely drained dry to house an expected turn-out of 20,000 audience number.

With the world’s largest suspension bridge overhanging above the stage, the show promises to be an evening of panoramic drama, stratospheric performances by some of the globe’s biggest and greatest live acts!


For more info log on to



please get back home,
i really miss you so much!


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I'm Back!

well guys, here i am again. back from a very long rest. so im back with new image that is so much different than my old one. and sorry because im not updating this blog for a very long time. well, consider long lah. since february kannnn.. i miss u guys a lot! hope to meet you guys soon..


Thursday, July 2, 2009


GOSH!!! I'm postponing again????
today's just not the day. feng shui said not good ahh...
so i'll let u know the exact date.
c ya when i c ya!