Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Amazing Cover

today i was so bored, so i took a look at youtube. search interesting video. and finally i saw this video. his voice was so amazing! dude, u should sign a contract. he's singing Rapuh by Agnes Monica.

and yes, this song goes to you baby.

Monday, August 3, 2009

It's Been A Year

as you all know, me and him met on 2nd august 2008. so it's been a year since we met. so yesterday, 2nd august 2009, i decided to for a special date just with him. i ask him to wait for me at the place when first talked and see eye-to-eye. kl sentral (infront hilton) at 10am. and wear the same outfit when we first met. it happened a year ago when i was waiting for the bus same time, same place to mtv asia awards at genting. then he introduced himself to me n was smiling to me all the way up. agk pelik laa when 1st impression cmtu.. then he hug n kiss me when leona's perfomance. that's the first time that i've ever been kissed with a stranger. haha..

so yesterday, we went out for a special date. from kl sentral, we went to klcc. then yeahh, ramaii gle oraanggg!!! pc fair, duhh! rmai laa chinese2 laa borong dr stu.. well, the fair dh mcm pasa borong slayang.. haha. then we planned to go cuci mata at the fair.. at 1, we have lunch at pizza hut pavilion and straight away to go see a movie. "The Proposal" st 2.40. yes, i literaly cried at the ending of the movie. then about 5pm we walked back to klcc and yelaa,,, terpakse melalui tmpt tu lg.. then i sent him bck to the lrt. but i was thinking to buy a earphone. so i went off to that fair AGAIN n get myself a set of earphones. just rm25 but the sound very the excellent. so thats all i want to story for today..

rio. xoxo